John Lennon segments from WBCN Boston

LInked below are two audio segments I taped (yes, cassette tapes!) off the radio on December 9, 1980. Both were produced and broadcast on WBCN, a radio station in Boston, FM frequency 104.1.

The first has about 5 minutes of a news report about the shooting and death of John Lennon. This is followed by some of Lennon’s music.

News reporting from December 9th, 1980 and some Lennon music

The second is a longer segment (25 minutes) of a produced tribute that includes audio from news reports, iconic quotes, sound clips from and about John Lennon, and reflections on his legacy.

WBCN’s John Lennon Tribute broadcast December 9th, 1980

I listen to these these every year on December 8th. And like other media I’ve “captured” over the years, I’m so glad had a blank cassette tape at the ready on that fateful day!